In a nutshell, Reboo is all about promoting good VALUES in our young people.

Key to having a happy and full life and contributing positively to the world is having a set of values to stand on. After all, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything! At Reboo we have developed what we believe to be a great list of values, or as we like to call them VALUEBOOS! Valueboos


Awareness Generosity Patience
Compassion Gentleness Peace
Confidence Gratitude Perseverance
Courage Happiness Respect
Creativity Honesty Responsibility
Dedication Hope Self acceptance
Dependability Humility Self discipline
Empathy Integrity Service
Encouragement Justice/fairness Stewardship
Enthusiasm Kindness Thoughtfulness
Forgiveness Manners Trust
Friendship Motivation Wisdom


Throughout our assemblies we focus on and highlight various of these VALUEBOOS. We believe it is important to explore the meaning of each in a way that is relevant to young people today and also to give a social and spiritual perspective.

Values and Reboo