Social understanding

Social understanding Reboo allows young people to reflect on their own thoughts and behaviour in different situations. We promote discussions about how best to relate to others in a positive and good way. Reboo encourages emotional intelligence by providing a platform where young people can articulate their feelings and opinions on various relevant topics.

Moral understanding:

Reboo provides a moral framework where young people are invited to discuss and explore. We encourage discussion of right and wrong and all the grey in between! All assemblies are built on the foundation of the golden rule - that we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Our aim is that we help young people to think about the mark they are leaving in this world.

Spiritual understanding:

Above all else our aim is to reinforce the truth that every young person is special, unique and part of an amazing world. We hope that Reboo helps to develop a sense of identity, self worth and personal insight and faith.

Cultural understanding:

  1. Through the use of media we often try to highlight other cultures and traditions. We also explore the different cultures of Biblical tradition to give some sense of context to scripture.
  2. Our aim is to promote a breadth of understanding and encourage experiences of culture. For example, we feature music from different backgrounds and genres and promote stories of good works from around the world. We hope that all of these examples will inspire young people to have dreams and to be the best they can be.