REBOO rethinks the ‘assembly space’ in Secondary schools and has created a platform where young people can be inspired, engaged and importantly respond.

Reboo is an interactive digital assembly website which is ideal for form times or small groups. Along with their teacher, students can easily navigate the site’s content to discuss life issues with their peers in the classroom, taking ownership of their moral and spiritual development and having fun in the process. Annual subscription with weekly assemblies for just £299!

Each assembly contains five sections which can be worked through at a pace and order which best suits an individual school's or tutor's timetable.


This is where the theme for the week is introduced.

Reboo Introduction


This includes a Bible passage which links to the theme.

Bible Bit


This is where the theme is broken down and explored in more depth. Within this section are questions which are designed to encourage discussions and reflection.

The Thinking Bit


This is where the themes or issues raised in the other sections can be explored through engaging activities. Activities range from designing posters to watching videos. No preparation should be required by the teacher, however they may wish to view the site prior to the day or week to feel prepared. Assemblies can be viewed two weeks in advance.

The Doing Bit


This section gives some space for personal reflection. There is a prayer that can be used here and it is a way to consolidate the message of the assembly.

The Bible Bit

Each section and image can be enlarged by either clicking on the image itself (click again to close) or clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the left hand side of each section.

Clickable Images


Reboo has a calendar which shows all the assembly details throughout the year. These details include the title, theme, Bible verses and dates. A new assembly comes live each week, however you can access the assemblies two weeks in advance.

Reboo Calendar