So, just what is PrimaReboo?

PrimaReboo is a website which encourages children to thoughtfully and actively engage with school assembly topics and develop their SMSC understanding. The site has weekly updates and is designed to be used in a classroom or group setting as 'huddle' times and is perfect for use with an interactive whiteboard.

PrimaReboo's flexibility means it can be used whenever best suits an individual school's or teacher's timetable. We know that it is the class teachers that know their children best and so they should use PrimaReboo in a way which best suits their practice; this may mean picking and choosing which aspects of the huddle they want to cover and in what order.

Each 'huddle' contains six sections which can be enlarged by clicking on the magnifying glass or on the pictures. This is especially useful if you are projecting onto a screen or IWB.


This is where the theme for the week is introduced.

Prima Reboo


This includes a Bible passage which links to the theme.

Prima Reboo Bible Verse


This is where the theme is broken down and explored in more depth. Within this sections are questions which are designed to encourage discussions and reflection.

Think About


This is where the themes or values brought up in the other sections can be explored through engaging activities. The play section includes several activities per huddle and we try to vary the activities bearing in mind the different ages and interests of the children. We also like to include a physical activity so children can move around during the huddle times. Other activities range from drawing to researching on the internet. No extensive preparation should be needed by the teacher, however they may wish to view the huddle prior to the day or week to feel prepared.

Prima Reboo Play


This section gives some space for personal reflection. There is a prayer that can be used here and it is a way to consolidate the message of the huddle.

Prima Reboo Pray


This section is all about remembering the key message, value or point of the huddle. They are illustrated on sticky notes and classes may wish to make their own and put them up around the class to help them remember throughout the week.

Prima Reboo Stickies