Prayer and Reflection with Reboo

In each week's edition of Reboo there is a suggested prayer which can be used at any point but is perhaps useful have at the end. This could be read out loud or used for quiet contemplation.

Prayer and Reflection For schools not comfortable using the suggested prayer there is the option to use their own or even use the time to just 'Pause' to think, process and recharge. This is a very useful practice during the busy school day and it may even be the only chance the students get to do this in their schedules.
Pause, and listen

On the Secondary site, 'Reboo', there is a PAUSE section - a music player which can be used in these moments. The music comes from the artists we have featured on the site.


Stickies! On the PrimaReboo site we have a prayer but also a 'STICKIES' section where the children can think about the main message of the 'huddle' in a way they can remember - so it will 'stick'!