Reboo and School Chaplains

Many school chaplains have found Reboo to be a very useful resource as often they are called upon to provide assembly material. This can be a very time consuming activity and as Reboo assemblies are weekly and require no preparation, chaplains have more time to focus on their other vital roles, not least to be present and build relationships with staff and students.

Reboo and School Chaplains

This is a testimonial from a Chaplain in Cheshire:

Reboo has helped us with our form time worship in a number of ways. For the students It has really given them loads of opportunities to think about how the Bible and its teachings is relevant to them. The students talk of its relevance to them and the ‘right now’ nature of the content. It has provided excellent engagement for the students during form time worship.

For staff it provides a ready made easy to use set of worship resources. As the material is so well prepared staff can deliver it without a great deal of preparation time which is an obvious benefit. As a result of its easy access we have found that the worship content of our form times has increased and is almost double with the introduction of Reboo.

For me as a chaplain I am delighted that the worship content of form time has increased. I am also very happy with the way conversations inspired by Reboo continue through out the day and week. The Biblical content linked with relevant presentation means that staff and students are engaging with the Bible in a thought provoking way. The value for money that we get is just fantastic as there is no way I could produce that many resources, of that quality, in the time I have available. It is a wonderful resource that I would heartily recommend to anyone.

School workers

We often have interest in Reboo from school workers as it is an attractive and relevant resource to engage young people in valuable discussions. Its format is ideal for small groups and also it could also be used in a Christian Union.

In terms of subscriptions we understand that schools workers often have a limited budget and are not necessarily in just one school all the time. Therefore, we would perhaps suggest using the 30 day free trial with the school and then seeing if the school would be interested in signing up to enrich their existing assembly provision. This way the school's worker could use Reboo as a resource throughout the year. Alternatively, we can provide shorter and more tailored subscriptions for individuals.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us and we would be happy to talk through your needs.