At Reboo we very much believe in life beyond the theory.

We believe reading should lead to discussion, which should lead to thinking, which then should lead to DOING! And that this should be a regular process - hence the ReRead, ReThink, ReDo tag line.

Encouraging PLAY:

In PrimaReboo's huddles we have a section called PLAY which is dedicated to activities based on the theme. We try to vary the types of activities to suit ages and interests. For example, we may have a design based activity or a creative writing activity along with a game which involves moving about. It is very important that although PrimaReboo is a website, it is used to encourage the children to DO things - talk, move about, be creative and have fun! We are not about sitting and staring at a screen!!

Encouraging PLAY

Fostering the creative arts:

The Creative Arts are a wonderful way to communicate with and inspire teenagers and so we try to feature films, music, photography, poetry etc as much as we can. We often have interviews with musicians and artists about how they use their field to express themselves. It is our belief that, just as everyone can be inspired, everyone can also inspire others and in this way we are all creative!

Fostering the Creative Arts

Don't just like...DO!

In this world of 'liking and sharing' there is a danger that it can just stop there: that we get moved or inspired by something but that moment is fleeting as we move on to the next thing, the next email or the next programme. At Reboo we believe it is important not to just 'like and share' but to also 'think and do' - to become properly engaged with a topic or an issue so that it actually affects your actions and behaviour.

Don't just like... DO!